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Banking Solutions

With banking solutions that form a single platform for account and payment management, bill payment and presentment, alerts, and entitlements, Sybase offers a true multi-channel system for online and mobile banking.

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Sybase  mCommerce Suite 365

The end-to-end solution empowers mobile operators and financial institutions to quickly launch mCommerce services to their customers in developed and emerging markets.


Sybase 365 eBanking Suite

The Sybase 365 eBanking Suite is designed to meet the online delivery requirements of the financial services industry.

Whether serving consumer or large corporate customers, the nation’s leading financial institutions bank on Sybase.

We provide integrated financial services solutions to more than 200 of the world’s leading financial institutions.

We extend important financial data outside of corporate walls, reducing time to implementation and the total cost of ownership for mobile finance applications. In addition to our vertical banking solutions, we also offer a broad range of horizontal applications that cover information management, development and integration, and business and mobile solutions.

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