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Sybase Risk Analytics Platform


Sybase Risk Analytics Platform is designed for risk management applications in capital markets. It quickly captures and consolidates high volumes of live market data with vast stores of historical data in a single, powerful risk and trade data repository.

With Sybase Risk Analytics Platform, customers can spot trends and opportunities buried in the data and act on them ahead of the competition. Trading institutions can achieve a comprehensive view of market activity within minutes for near real-time analytics.

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  • A holistic view of the state of the market: a single repository for both live market and historical data.
  • Faster reactions to market opportunities: eliminates lengthy batch update cycles for quantitative analysis and modeling.
  • Rapid time-to-benefit: an integrated, pre-built data model simplifies and automates common data capture and storage functions.
  • Reduced effort: with Sybase PowerDesigner Physical Architect included, managing schemas over time is easy.

Sybase Risk Analytics Platform on IBM System p5™ provides real-time intraday risk monitoring capabilities for Capital Markets. The solution offers improved scalability and throughput performance at a much lower TCO, and with fast time-to-market. Learn more in this FLASH DEMO!

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