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Smarter Data Integration Streamlines Business Agility
Enterprises still wrestle with the vital need to get the right data to the right people at the right time. Blending the diverse data needed for business intelligence, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and regulatory compliance remains largely an unrealized goal. Today’s purpose-built data integration may meet existing requirements. But as business shifts, organizations stretch purpose-built tools beyond their intended use, with disappointing results. Generations of disparate tools merge into a complex, brittle infrastructure. Lack of agility and high costs have pushed enterprises to the tipping point. They can’t change the data infrastructure fast enough to keep up with the business.

Sybase equips customers with a smarter, more streamlined solution for this extremely tough problem – the diverse enterprise data integration requirements for business agility. Enterprises can choose their favorite technique – ETL, federation integration or search – to build flexible and heterogeneous data flows. Providing a consistent framework across the techniques and support for a broad range of data sources reduces operational costs and complexity. With the modular suite, customers can start with today’s projects and scale to address the most serious integration challenges.


EnterpriseConnect Data Access
EnterpriseConnect Data Access is the enterprise data solution for gaining transparent access to heterogeneous databases. It allows applications to interact with Sybase and non-Sybase databases to access, consolidate and/or update data. EnterpriseConnect Data Access provides the fundamental building blocks for connectivity between LAN and Internet-based clients and enterprise data sources.

MainframeConnect Database Connectivity Software
Organizations with environments requiring connectivity between client/server databases and mainframe data can use MainframeConnect to solve this challenge. MainframeConnect supplies the connectivity tools to provide high-performance access to a variety of mainframe data sources, including CICS, IMS and MVS systems.


PowerDesigner Data Modeling Software
IT organizations today face an environment of disparate databases, a multitude of applications, the need for rapid turnaround and demands to lower costs and increase productivity. Data professionals are turning to modeling tools to help gain control. PowerDesigner offers an all-in-one modeling and design capability that can help enterprises build or re-engineer applications quickly, consistently and cost-effectively. PowerDesigner’s unique Link and Sync technology ensures changes made in any model type are easily propagated in a controlled, predictable and reliable way, to all necessary users. This constant collaboration allows organizations to maximize team efficiency while minimizing costs.

WorkSpace Application Development Software
WorkSpace is Sybase’s next-generation environment for database application development and assembly. It provides a unified design and application development environment for Sybase data products that integrates the power of enterprise modeling with comprehensive tooling capabilities. An Eclipsed-based Java toolkit, WorkSpace combines the five most important design and development tools in an easy-to-use open-source framework. Enterprise modeling, database development, Web application development, services-oriented development and orchestration, and mobile development all come together for a complete and flexible solution.

Sybase IQ Analytics Server Software
Sybase IQ is a highly optimized analytics server designed specifically to deliver dramatically faster results for mission-critical business intelligence, data warehouse and reporting solutions on any standard hardware and operating systems. Sybase IQ works with diverse data – including unstructured data – and diverse data sources to deliver unsurpassed query performance at the lowest price/performance available. Sybase IQ is a smarter way to deliver high-performance enterprise analytics without blowing your budget or abandoning the investments you’ve made in technology and knowledge resources.

If you have the following Sybase products, Sybase recommends:

EAServer: If you are using EAServer application server for your application development, we recommend adding the Real-Time Events component from the Data Integration Suite to incorporate real-time visibility of data changes in your business-critical applications. Real-Time Events is compatible with the EAServer JMS (java messaging system) bus, and will proactively move time-critical events from various data sources through this bus and out to the appropriate applications.
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