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Advantage Local Server


Advantage Local Server:
Royalty-free distribution for local and peer-to-peer environments
The Advantage Local Server is a non-client/server solution and can be used to access data on computers that are not running the Advantage Database Server. The Advantage Local Server is a DLL (32-bit - ADSLOC32.DLL or 64-bit - adsloc64.dll) for Windows, and a shared object ( for Linux. Advantage Local Server resides on the client machine and is called directly by the Advantage Client Engine, instead of sending requests to a remote Advantage Database Server. If the data files exist on a local workstation, no network connection is necessary nor is network communication used between the Advantage Client Engine and the Advantage Local Server.

There is no cost for the Advantage Local Server. The Advantage Local Server is installed with all Advantage Windows and Linux client products (which are also free). This allows you to develop applications for single and multi-user environments and distribute them royalty-free when using the Advantage Local Server.

Licensing note:
If an Advantage application is distributed to work without the Advantage Database Server (i.e., it uses the Advantage Local Server to access data), the application must act as a "client" that directly accesses and uses the data. The application cannot act as "middleware" or as a "server" by having the data forwarded by any means to a separate computer. In other words, it is illegal to use the Advantage Local Server with a Web server, an application server, a terminal server or any other type of middleware or server product to access data on behalf of remote computers. An Advantage Database Server (a.k.a. remote server) product must be purchased and used to allow an Advantage application to access data on behalf of applications running on remote computers.

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