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Migrating from the BDE with Paradox to Advantage Database Server


Advantage has a long history of helping users migrate quickly from using the BDE with Paradox to Advantage Database Server.  Advantage eliminates the common issues associated with using the BDE, including data corruption, lack of support, no migration to the latest technologies such as 64-bit or Unicode, and no client/server option.

Advantage database has two products.  The Advantage Local Server (ALS) is a free file/server database that allows you to distribute Advantage royalty free the same as Paradox.  Advantage Database Server is the client/server product that provides all the benefits of a full client/server database. 

With the Advantage Database Server migration solution:

  • BDE is no longer needed
  • Migration is quick and easy for most applications taking hours or days, not weeks or months 
  • After replacing the components, very few, if any, code changes need to be made to the application
  • Gain the benefits of a client/server computing rather than a file/server based solution
  • Common Paradox data corruption issues are eliminated
  • Professional support available with active development 
  • Support for latest environments such as Windows 7, along with 32 and 64-bit options
  • Greater scalability with simple installation (ALS only requires including a .DLL) and with no administration

This screencast demonstrates how easy it is to migrate your application to ADS.
From Paradox to Client/Server in 5 Minutes

Simple Migration Steps:

  1. Install Advantage Data Architect and TDataset Descendant (and, for Client/Server usage, the Advantage Database Server)
  2. Import the data using Advantage Data Architect Import Wizard
  3. Open the application in Delphi, choose the forms which contain TTable/TQuery and replace the components with TAdsQuery/TAdsTable (tools such as GExperts are available to help)
  4. Remove all remaining BDE-components
    a. TDatabase should be replaced with TAdsConnection according to the Help file  instructions
    b. TSession is not needed
  5. Bind all ADS components to use the AdsConnection component
  6. Remove all BDE units from the USES-clause
  7. Remove BDE specific commands (Dbi*, eg DbiDoRestructure)
  8. Recompile and make some fine adjustments

The Advantage TDataset Descendant Getting Started Guide also contains additional information on the differences between BDE and ADS and some tutorials.

3rd Party Testimonials and How-To Guides
Dr. Bob Swart is well respected Delphi evangelist and expert.  His article outlines how easy it is to switch to ADS as well as the benefits of ADS over other database options.

Many satisfied partners and customers have made the successful switch from the BDE to ADS and never looked back.  Many wonder how they ever lived without Advantage.

Supported Delphi Versions
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