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Message Broker

Sybase Financial Fusion Message Broker is an XMLbased solution with a 100% Java technology infrastructure that allows you to develop, deploy and manage custom messaging within your existing trading infrastructure.


Message Broker is a universal messaging design solution and is key technology in Financial Fusion TradeForce Solution. Created as a tool to build, deploy, and test financial protocols in a timely fashion, Message Broker is available for use in your organization as a stand-alone product.

Features and Benefits:

High Speed Message Processing

  • Message Broker provides high-speed transformation engine and tools for the creation of 100% Java-definable transformation rules enables rapid financial protocol processing and integration

Robust Exception Management and Alerting Facilities

  • Multi-channel enabled alerts engine capturing and disseminating alerts across devices. Message Broker also includes a robust workflow engine to facilitate complex message processing rules.

Wide Support

  • Supports numerous message set types, including delimited, fixed length, XML-based, etc. Also, supports common forms of financial protocols natively such as FIX, FIXML, FpML, SWIFT, OFX, IFX and more.

Flexible and Adaptable

  • Runs as a stand-alone solution or deploys within leading commercial application servers such as Sybase EAServer, BEA WebLogic, and IBM WebSphere


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