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Bradmark Bradmark and Sybase advance database management performance by providing a real-time view of database activity along with powerful event management and historical reporting.

The first and only end-to-end database management solution
Whether you're running a data warehouse application, a high-availability online transaction system or a regular database, you need tools to ensure that your systems are up and running and performing at agreed-upon service levels. In the past, these tools may have come from various manufacturers and employ multiple interfaces and disparate technologies.

Now the choice is simple. Bradmark's Surveillance for Sybase is a comprehensive, cross-platform set of monitoring tools that satisfy all of your data management needs across your entire Sybase installation and beyond. Through a common interface and using a highly scaleable technology, you can now monitor and maintain all of your systems to maximize uptime and availability. Bradmark's Surveillance™ for Sybase for your Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), Replication Server, Sybase IQ and Mirror Activator systems is a comprehensive family of products that spans all of the major distributed database environments as well as UNIX®, Linux® and Windows® operating systems.

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New Surveillance Version 4
Bradmark continues to building on its offering of premier, third-party monitoring tools with its latest release, Surveillance 4.1. This version highlights major new features including Enterprise Deployment, Standard Stores, and ASE enhancements that include support for query metrics to help DBAs diagnose SQL performance bottlenecks. Surveillance 4.1 also includes Windows Vista support and much more.

Choose your Solution for Sybase:

For Adaptive Server Enterprise
Surveillance DB provides a real-time view of database activity and detailed performance metrics for the ASE environment. Statistics on SQL, top-timed events, dsession/process activity, locks, tempDB, file I/O and much more can be viewed simultaneously for multiple databases. Surveillance delivers a redesigned ASE monitoring module, which capitalizes on the rich performance monitoring data available in ASE using MDA tables.
For Replication Server
Surveillance RS monitors the availability and performance of Replication Server and can be used in conjunction with ASE and operating system components to provide a complete view of the system. By taking advantage of the RSticket feature in Replication Server, Surveillance also provides ongoing information about the latency of moving transactions from the source database to Replication Server and then to the target database.
For Sybase IQ
Surveillance IQ delivers real-time statistics on memory allocation, buffer and storage utilization, and disk and network I/O. Connections are shown with their resource utilization and detailed drill-downs to transactions, SQL and lock information. Centralized views of all open transactions and their resources and the storage view provide a running analysis of Sybase IQ storage data. In addition, a comprehensive dashboard in Surveillance IQ provides a status view of all the servers in a multiplex environment.
For Mirror Activator
Working in conjunction with storage replication systems to replicate database transactions from a mirrored log to an available ASE server or Oracle® database, Surveillance MA provides monitoring and alerting capabilities that enhance replication data reliability and performance. With Surveillance MA user-defined thresholds in place, DBAs can ensure system uptime and increase data availability to more organizations, enabling them to protect their mission-critical applications.
For UNIX, Linux and Windows OS
Complementing the database modules, Surveillance OS monitors multiple variants of UNIX, Linux and Windows operating systems. Important statistics such as CPU, disk I/O, memory, swap space, file system and process resource utilization are measured. Surveillance Heartbeat Monitoring is a highly flexible resource for monitoring one or more servers that can be configured to minimize overhead for greater reliability.

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For additional information about Sybase and Bradmark solutions email: or call (800) 8-SYBASE and select option 1, then option 2.

About Bradmark
For more than 20 years, Bradmark Technologies Inc. has developed, marketed, sold and supported data management solutions that provide anytime, anywhere access to managing database, application and operating system components. Bradmark's innovative product suites detect and prevent problems before they adversely affect productivity, ensuring that IT environments are up and operating at peak performance.

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