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Industry Warehouse Studio™ (IWS) for Healthcare

The Industry Warehouse Studio for Healthcare delivers the first enterprise analytics infrastructure that enables healthcare organization executives to access the information they need when they need it to make informed business decisions. The IWS is based on proven technology and the industry's best practices. IWS gives healthcare organizations the ability to track performance by presenting a single view of the entire history of patient treatments and procedures, and an ability to cross-analyze different outcomes by facility and type of treatments administered. With the ability to view the patient history in an integrated form, IWS for Healthcare can not only assist in the administration of an organization, but also target preventative campaigns at particular risk groups.

Information is perhaps the greatest weapon in the competitive arsenal of healthcare organizations. Information can tell healthcare organizations how well providers are performing, what treatments are working and if clients are satisfied with the services they receive. In today's highly competitive healthcare arena, this extra information can mean the difference between survival and demise.

How can an enterprise analytics infrastructure benefit your organization?
Healthcare analytics is an effective tool for a competitive industry like healthcare. But why is that? What can enterprise analytics do to help a healthcare organization compete and survive? Here are just a few ideas:

  • Enhance customer relationship management
  • Analyze claims-based experience and service utilization in detail
  • Improve provider management
  • Assist in responding to ad hoc government adherence reporting
  • Address HEDIS, HIPAA reporting requirements
  • Perform disease management
  • Reduce fraud Interested in IWS for your organization?

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